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Microsoft rolls out Office 365 admin app for mobile | Enterprise | News | PC Pro
Microsoft rolls out Office 365 admin app for mobileOffice 365 Gallery
By Shona Ghosh

Posted on 22 Nov 2013 at 11:15

Microsoft has released the Office 365 Admin app, letting IT admins check service status from mobile devices.

The app is only available on Windows Phone 8 so far, with apps for iOS 7 and Android 4.2.1 or higher due "in the coming weeks".

The app allows IT admins to run an overall check-up on services, or dig into the service status of particular applications such as Lync Online. It also lets users check for maintenance status updates and to tweak various app settings.

The app is only available to Office 365 users with admin rights. It also won't support Windows Azure Active Directory Multi-Factor Authentication - Microsoft's new security feature for cloud apps and services.

More Office 365 updates

Microsoft's also rolling out further updates to Office 365 services, including improvements to document sharing and message encryption.

SharePoint Online users can now easily share work externally by generating guest links. Admins can also delegate which Office 365 members can share their work without first having to seek approval, and email notifications have been improved.

Microsoft will also phase out its email encryption portal, Exchange Hosted Encryption (EHE), in the first three months of next year.

Current EHE users will be upgraded to Office 365 Message Encryption, which offers the same encryption options but has some usability tweaks plus the ability to add header and footer details to encrypted emails.

The upgrade will be included with Windows Azure Rights Management at no extra cost. It will also be free for Enterprise E3 and E4 subscribers. Anyone wishing to add the service as an add-on to any other Office 365 plan will be able to do so for $2 a month.

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The agonising expensive leg-lengthening proceedure that made this surgery patient SIX INCHES taller
| Mail Online

Nip, Tuck, Grow! 5' 6" man underwent agonising leg-lengthening procedure because he wanted to be six foot tall
By Hannah Roberts
UPDATED:17:24 EST, 24 February 2012



Standing five foot six inches tall he was was well within the boundaries of normal.

But, in his mind's eye, the New Yorker, who wants to be known only as Apotheosis, saw himself in a different light- as a statuesque six foot.

Desperate to become the man he believed he should be, the determined 37-year-old turned to drastic measures- undergoing agonising, expensive surgery.

High hopes: Apotheosis grew a massive six inches during the proceedure High hopes: Apotheosis grew a massive six inches during the proceedure
High hopes: Apotheosis grew a massive six inches during the proceedure

The procedure, in which both legs are broken and then slowly stretched, bears more than a little resemblance to medieval torture.

More...Who's a pretty boy then? Parrot has nose job after catching his beak in the door (and it was fixed with 'Polly-filler')How one woman realised childhood dream of becoming a softball coach after losing 364lbs in seven years
But the brave patient has now achieved a remarkable six inches of extra height.

Enlarge The procedure, in which both legs are broken and then slowly stretched, bears more than a little resemblance to medieval torture
Painful : The procedure, in which both legs are broken and then slowly stretched, bears more than a little resemblance to medieval torture

'Apotheosis' explained: 'I realized that the world looked at me a certain way that I didn't look at myself in that certain way.

'I wanted the way I felt about myself and the way the world felt about me to be similar.'

In some cultures the painful and expensive proceedure is seen as an investment in the future.

The trend for limb-lengthening surgery swept China where minimum heights are often quoted in personal adverts and job advertisements as the country opened up to the West a decade ago. To join the foreign service men are required to be at least five foot seven. But the controversial surgery was banned in 2006 after a succession of botched jobs.

Meanwhile a 'growing' number of men are pursuing limb-lengthening operations in the US.

Florida based orthopaedic surgeon Dr Dror Paley is one of few US medics to have completed the cosmetic procedure.

The surgeon, who works at the Paley Institute at St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach, last year performed 650 leg-lengthening surgeries, most but not all to remedy deformities.

DrPaley said: 'The majority who come for cosmetic limb lengthening have what we call, height dysphoria. They're unhappy with their height.

'It's one of the few psychologic-psychiatric disorders that you can actually cure with the knife.'

Thesurgery is not for the faint-hearted. The leg bone is broken in two. The doctor then implants a state-of-the-art telescopic rod into the cartilage of the bone which then pulls it apart very gradually, one millimeter a day.

New living bone grows along it to fill the gap and muscles, nerves, the
Hi tech: In the future those who want to gain some height will be able to implant this new lengthening device, the PRECICE, approved by the FDA last year
Growth: The most hi tech devices can lengthen your legs by inches

arteries, and the skin, also renew themselves.

The cost is a prohibitive $85,000, and takes at least three months to complete. Gruelling physical therapy is essential.

Apotheosis travelled to Germany for his surgery and has first generation implants that are extended by the body's movement rather than remote control.

He is still recovering and is reluctant to speak too soon of success. He told ABC News: 'I am still lengthening right now and there could be further complications and I don't want to talk about it successfully until it's been successful.'

On a candid internet discussion board for those considering surgery he advises: 'I am not telling anyone they should do this surgery, but I am laying out my experiences and the risks that I have taken and the successes that I have had and let people make their own decision,' he said.

But he says he already feels like a new man.

'When I walk down the street a different person perceived differently by the world for the rest of my life, you know, I am who I want to be now,' he said.
The online nickname Apotheosis, comes from the Greek to become godlike- in the sense of being the best you can be.

'And that's kind of what I want? And I am not trying to be godlike; I am trying to be the best me that I can be.'

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Max ,Stirling,1 year ago

I am male and 5'7 and although it would be nice to be taller I feel surgery to alter appearance is a step too far. There are so many things that can go wrong with surgery it should be kept for dealing with people who are genuinly ill not people wanting to change their appearance. But where their is a demand their is a market, no doubt this man signed a disclaimer in case anything went wrong. Enough said!
1651Click to rate
Boadicea,England,1 year ago

His money, his body, his choice. If he feels better about himself then good for him. How does it affect any of us?
7124Click to rate
Geo,London,1 year ago

Doh, he should have ask to be 6'2 - this is the minimum height to be a male model.6' is far too common and not very god like.Maybe he could have a neck extension to add the extra 2"
4954Click to rate
Jonesy ,Herts, UK,1 year ago

This is nothing to do with vanity!!!! A vain person thinks that they are already perfect so therefore they dont need surgery! It`s all the `I`m lovely as I am` brigade that are the vain ones, not the poor sods feeling they have to resort to surgery!!!
883Click to rate
Simon Kutemoff,a cave,1 year ago

He could have saved himself the pain and effort by just standing on a box when he looked in the mirror.
7631Click to rate
duke,north yorkshire,1 year ago

That surgery must beamazing because his underpantshave also grown. He's wearing the same pairin those two photographs and in the 'after shot,' they're much longer. Now that is clever.
1639Click to rate
skipper,Gloucester,1 year ago

Why are his nipples asymmetrical in the "After" photo? Left one is higher than the right.
- Miss Nomer, Hull, Yorks, 25/2/2012 17its the way he is standing - his shoulder is higher that side too....I guess that side is sore & he is trying to avoid putting weight on that leg
317Click to rate
Miss Nomer,Hull, Yorks,1 year ago

Why are his nipples asymmetrical in the "After" photo?Left one is higher than the right.
913Click to rate
mysslo,London, UK,1 year ago

I know it's his money and time and I guess he was told beforehand of the pain that could be involved, but to do all that for a mere 6 inches seems a big waste of time. I hope he's happy with the result.
1129Click to rate
Anon,London,1 year ago

Get operated on when necessary.Obviously more money than sense.
2039Click to rate
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The Next Stop Is… Sir Alfred Hitchcock Hotel | Londonist

10 October 2013 | 11 °C

Plan your day ahead or read the day's London headlines with our daily emails.

12 September 2013 | Drink, Transport | By: Jonn

epping forestNo. 7: Sir Alfred Hitchcock Hotel

Where: Leytonstone

Route: 257

Few places in London can be as sinister on a rainy autumn’s evening as the fringes of Epping Forest. The long, narrow strip of ancient woodland run for 11 miles from Bell Common to Wanstead Flats, a scar across suburbia, a shiver down London’s spine. The very names on the map seem to hint at the frightening fate awaiting those who go walking in the woods. Whipps Cross. Snaresbrook.

At the right time of the day, in the wrong time of the year, with the sky growing dark overhead, it can feel as if the trees are like giants, crowding around you. It’s easy enough to find your way into the woods; finding your way out again is an altogether different matter. Take a wrong turn, and suddenly the undergrowth begins to grow taller, the muddy ground beneath you seeming as if it's pulling at your feet, unwilling to let you go.

Then suddenly through the trees you glimpse a welcoming sight: a public house of some sort, blazing with light and warmth. You make for the hostelry, overwhelmed with relief that you will soon be inside once more, but as you break out into the open you catch sight of its name, and you feel your blood run cold.

The Sir Alfred Hitchcock Hotel.

Then you go inside and have a nice steak and a few beers, and everyone’s terribly nice to you.

The master of suspense was born in Leytonstone, in 1899, when it was still Essex suburbia rather than the last outpost of the inner city. He’s one of the district’s most famous sons (the other is David Beckham, who has yet to qualify for his own bus stop) so it’s not surprising to see him commemorated by a local business. It’s perhaps a little surprising to find he’s given his name to a hotel, however, since the most famous scene or his most famous movie sees Janet Leigh hacked to pieces in the shower of one.

None of this should be taken as any reflection on the Sir Alfred Hitchcock Hotel itself, which, most internet reviewers agree, is actually rather good. It includes 25 rooms, a bar and a restaurant, and enjoys hosting weddings, and most of the ratings on Trip Advisor give it four or five stars. Rather sweetly the manager seems to answer every one of them personally, including those that are, er, less flattering (in response to a one-star review complaining that one guest had been left standing outside for 20 minutes: “We have two main entrances and you have waited in front of the wrong one… I repeat the wrong one“). Whether such a crack response team would be required were the hotel not named after the bloke who directed Psycho is not exactly clear.

There’s one other thing to say about Sir Alfred and his bus stop. There’s been much hoo-ha of late about private companies (Emirates, Barclays, et al.) getting their names slapped onto bits of London’s transport infrastructure for money. What’s passed unnoticed, though, is that pubs and hotels have been getting this for nothing for years. Just consider the fact we have bus stops called The Grapes and Adam & Eve, or a major junction called Holloway Nag's Head. There are five tube stations named for pubs, too. We wouldn’t dream of patronising you by telling you which they are.

Image courtesy of Mohain, taken from the Londonist Flickr pool

Tags: bus stops, Epping Forest, leytonstone, pubs

Article by Jonn Elledge | 84 Articles | View Profile

i had to google the 5 pub names on the tube map. Had no idea.. thought I managed to guess one correctly.

Oxfordshire has a Golden Balls roundabout (and associated bus stop), but it too is named for a pub, and predates Beckham by quite some time.

And David Bailey. he’s also a son of Leytonstone

The Hitchcock Hotel is nice inside, but I wouldn’t recommend it for the beer or food.

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